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Tea. Earl grey, hot.8.28.2013

Mebotics website and printer

Okay, so. This is some legitimate science fiction made real:

Although 3D Printers are now an established thing, the Mebotics Microfactory is different. Unlike other 3D printers, it is capable of both additive and subtractive operation, meaning it can simultaneously print and remove material. In addition, the printer has many human-friendly considerations such as a shopvac port for easy cleaning, emergency safety shutoff, and transportation-friendly form factor—an approach I can definitely appreciate.

For this project I did a simple, easily updatable landing page for their ambitious Kickstarter Campaign. Major news outlets (Engadget, MAKE, Salon.com, Fast Company, PCMAG.com, New Scientist, BoingBoing, etc.) have already glommed onto the approach, utilizing it's segmented, modular build to link to specific sections of the page with ease to help explain the complicated technical components.


Ubersleep print and eBook editions

This is a bit of a long one, so bear with me (and the parenthetical statements) for a second:

I'm proud to announce the release (books are launched like software now, right?) of the second edition of Ubersleep: Nap-Based Sleep Schedules and the Polyphasic Lifestyle, a book about polyphasic sleep written by Marie Staver (aka PureDoxyk), the more-or-less "official layperson" for the subject.

Although I do not personally practice polyphasic sleep, I've been long-fascinated by body hacking, the idea that the human body can be augmented in a variety of ways to enhance its overall performance. It was fortuitous that Marie, longtime polyphasic sleeper, former coworker, and friend, who had been working on a followup to her original book, was looking for a designer to help her update the book's appearance to go along with her updated content.

The project involved building the totality of a book, excluding only the content itself. And when I say totality, I mean it: This "book" is offered as both a physical artifact and also an eBook, allowing the reader to select their preferred method of consumption. In addition to designing the cover (something I definitely like doing from time to time), I reformatted her writing, changing it into "pure content" that would easily work with both a physical design and also an eBook format. I designed the physical book, utilizing a grid system built off the Golden Ratio and a considered, modular type scale typography to make the pages sing. For the eBook, considerations such as typographer's quotes and emdashes were kept, a per-character level of conisderation that will (hopefully) make for a pleasurable and informative reading experience.

Making this book was a wonderful challenge that incorporated a wide range of print and digital design skills and technologies, as well as affording me a chance to learn about a fascinating, radical topic. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to undertake it.

If you're interested, both the physical copy of the book and the eBook version can be ordered from Lulu. More information about polyphasic sleep, the book, and the author's thoughts and process can be found on her blog.

YouDubber 3.20.2013


My good friend Tim and I collaborated on making a replacement for Tubedubber, a great website that has unfortunately seemed to stop working. The site displays the video from one YouTube video and mutes the audio, then the audio from a second YouTube video and hides the video, allowing someone to give their favorite videos their own soundtrack.

Tim did the backend development, and I did the design and frontend development. There's a lot of really cool background stuff happening with this site, like custom, Retina-friendly icon fonts and a lot of CSS3 that saves on bandwidth and ensures the videos load as quickly as possible.

Check out the site here.

Homebrewin' 11.18.2012

Emperor Norton Homebrew

Life has been keeping me really busy these past years (it's been way too long between updates, I know), but I thought this was especially worth sharing. While I normally don't enjoy doing package design, I felt my third homebrewed beer attempt was good enough to warrant a label. It reads: Emperor Norton Russian Imperial Stout: A perfectly drinkable beer of indeterminate proof. Brewed and bottled in the city of Somerville, Massachusetts.

Special thanks to Shalini for keeping me honest and updating (annually, at the very least).

Serious Business 10.24.2010

Max Krafft Business Card

Here's a nifty business card design I whipped up for my friend, Max Krafft. A Renaissance Man if I've ever met one, this card caters to his many talents in a totally tounge-in-cheek sort of way.

This is one of those little projects that I do from time to time that's really fun and creative, but is never quite portfolio-worthy.

We're live! Finally! 10.13.2009

Welcome Mat

Well, it took a little longer than I'd care to admit, but my new site is finally up on the internet! To totally stretch the welcome mat metaphor way past the breaking point in the most hammed-up way possible, this site is like a Persian rug: imperfections have been left in to, you know, keep me modest or something. Please take a moment to look around—if you see anything that is out of order, don't hesitate to let me know.

As much a portfolio site as it is a personal webspace, I'm hoping this site will live up to its "digital life" tagline and also serve as an online repository for my various projects and a centralized hub for the Social Networking services in which I participate.